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89 Sabers MPP 2.5 DIY Kit

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89 Sabers MPP 2.5 DIY Kit


We have our chassis and electronics DIY kits available, the pic above is a indication of what parts come in the kits but it changes per saber, the complete kit components are below:


Proffie soundboard V2.2 or 3.9 available
248mm bass speaker
Set of battery tabs
N-Pixel PCB with 7mm pins (unsoldered)
Kill swith
18650 Battery

Nylon CC:

Proffie soundboard V2.2 or 3.9 available
28mm bass speaker
N-Pixel PCB with pins (unsoldered)
Recharge port
18650 wired battery
Nylon crystal chamber 
Single pixel for CC

Disclaimer - Installing your own electronics into empty sabers requires electronics/programming skills. We do not offer install support or advice on how to install these kits into saber hilts, but there are many online resources you can go to on facebook saber forums, if your not as experienced.  Because, in-experienced saber installers can short out their parts, we do not offer refunds on these kits, and all parts are 100% verified and tested as working parts.   Please be sure that either you have the required experience or plan to send the DIY to someone with experience before purchasing.  If your not sure on if you have the skills to do your own install, we can do it for you, just email at to insure the labor costs, and let us do the driving for you.