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The Desert Scavenger Empty Saber


Jan /29/2024  update - these are on the shelf for immediate sending. These are discontinued and only 6 left, get them while you can.

Back in 2020 - we released the EP9 Rey Scavenger, Desert Scavenger with thumb-knob operation, in both straight black or weathered - it was a big hit, and always a very under appreciated hilt, but it sold out within 3 weeks of launch.  Now we have Version 2 that is created by our friends at KR Sabers...  

one of the best new features is the emitter petals will now open and close, and saber is still very installable with your favorite N-Pixel products, like Proffie, CFX, GH boards.    These are in stock with NO WAIT time  -  Select unpainted/unweathered or fully weathered with cloth wrap installed for you.

NOTE - product comes unpainted, black so you can weather it yourself, and add the wraps yourself.  Or we can do it for you, just ask at



Proffie V2.2
28mm speaker
Battery Tabs
N-Pixel PCB
Kill Switch
18650 Battery
Rotary Connector