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Empty Dagobah Duo Ultimate Collection Installable Saber 2 Saber Set


IN STOCK as of Nov.25 - send immediately - you get 2 hilts in this set

Based on exact replicas of the Bolsey/Praco flash handles as well as a hilt based on the MR-VD, these small sabers are known as the Dagobah Duo. 

You get: 2 sabers in this package - both versions of this little green guys hilts

1x empty non installed Hilt similar to the MR-Visual Dictionary version
1x empty non installed Hilt based on the bolsey / praco vintage flash handles to make the most accurate version to the size and look.

They are both installable and a Goth3D removable chassis will be available for them as well as having the accurate lambo wheel blade plugs, most importantly, these will accept a 7/8" N-Pixel blade.

We have been working on these for quite sometime and are excited to release this ultimate little green bundle.