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Empty The DARK Installable Saber

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Empty The DARK Installable Saber


UPDATE - July 20 - In stock ready to send.  

TheDark - Empty saber hilt (no electronics, but can be installed) - machined aluminum high quality handle - comes with the Dark Blade seen in the photos, and the correct connector you would need to make it function -  The chassis's is now available to purchase from website.   If you want something to just be displayed on the wall or plan to install it at a later time, this is the one you want.  you get hilt and working N-Pixel blade with this purchase.  TheDark comes with blade plug, D-Ring, and special PCB connector that can later be fitted into a soon to be available chassis, so you can add electronics and make it a working light up hilt - 

This product has received excellent reviews - feels nice and heavy in your hand, displays nice on the wall - This is the Way

watch the video from one of our customer and reviewers



Proffie V2.2
28mm speaker
Battery Tabs
N-Pixel PCB
Kill Switch
18650 Battery
Switch PCB