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Empty VeeTwo "stunt" Saber

$249.00 - $499.00
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Empty VeeTwo "stunt" Saber

$249.00 - $499.00

Update - Oct 17 - in stock and ready to send- these are Stainless steel, Nice weight to them

EP6 VeeTwo empty installable saber hilt - preorder, sends out in late July - made of   stainless steel - this version is the Standard with no crystal chassis and you can add on painting/weathering, or upgrade to a higher quality, more accurate Trooper trent stenciled paintup.  You get a solid and vented pommel cap, you get a blade emitter or blade plug/cap - comes with the correct mystery part, and comes apart in 7 places for the perfect V2 hilt known as the VeeTwo 

comes also with two ribbed sections, standard and cut away for reveal

Note - photos show clean and weathered - The Default is clean, and if you want it to look more like the weathered/painted photos, select either hand painted or stencil options

Deluxe Kit:

Comes with the Crystal Chamber
Plug to keep the chamber in place
Trooper Trent Stencil can be purchased for $40 optionally

** For Trooper Trent stencil applyment, please allow 8 weeks as its a time consuming operation*