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Installed The Hangman N-Pixel Saber

$649.00 - $749.00
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Installed The Hangman N-Pixel Saber

$649.00 - $749.00

Update - may 11 - 3 installed sets RTS

Based on the character Nari's hilt from the new OWK series, this saber is a beautiful addition to anyone's collection. In partnership with Jawa's Junkyard we are producing a limited 80 aluminum and 20 steel units.

Images shown are of the prototype, we have laid out a set of changes from the prototype to the final production as follows:

Length adjustment in key locations to increase accuracy (total shortened 9.5mm)
Final polish is being reduced to something closer to machine finish but with minimal machining marks
Some powder coated items are being anodized in the final to improve durability and fit, particularly on the covertec
Images demonstrating the Hangman PCB are for illustrative purposes only, PCB is sold separately. Order Hangman PCB

Aluminum Edition:

Machined from 6061 aircraft grade aluminum and brass with anodized accents
Optional acrylic clamp card for use with the custom hangman control box PCB (sold separately)
Removable blade plug, spring loaded buttons, and discrete sound venting.
Limited edition number steel plaque x/80
Collector's box

275mm long
35mm OD at control box, 37mm OD at grip
1" blade socket
28.5mm ID x 200mm internal length
33x7mm control box socket
28mm Speaker
Proffie 2.2
18650 Removable Battery

Hangman PCB available here 


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