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Empty The Tano Installable Saber


Update - Sept 29 - currently sold out, and more arriving around oct.15 - instead of putting this sku as out of stock, we are allowing you to purchase it and once it arrives in mid October, your order will be sent out within 1 weeks time

2 curved empty saber hilts used by a neutral champion that is searching for her friend across time and space aided by 2 of her female friends.  Perfect display and can be installed with Proffie, CFX or other boards, takes a 1 inch blade - get them now for your collection, and marvel at their beauty until August when more magic happens.  These are machined by ELF. and distributed by Korbanth sabers

You get 1 normal length curved hilt and 1 shorter curved hilt in this - both machined in aluminum and displayable or installable with a Shadowfoil DIY chassis kit coming soon. 

The photos showing the lit up blades are for reference to what they look like with installed electronics, these will come with no electronics, but if you look in our installed saber section you will see them listed, and we now offer nylon chassis's and DIY install kits if you have the skills to do your own install

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