The Dark Maultress v2

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The Maultress Version 2 - Sells as either empty of either side, or buy both sides empty for staff connector.

The Dark Maultress V2 double sided installed staff, or you can select just each side of the installed DM2022 or installed Light side Ventress - Comes installed with proffie V3.9 and 30-35 fonts 

From Season 7 of the animated CW series, comes with Dark Maultress v2 staff, or purchase each side separately if that works best. These are in stock - please allow 14 days from time of order.

May 4th Sale Disclaimer: Don't forget to use the code "MAY4" as we can not refund the difference post-sale due to transaction fees we incur.

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Purchase as Maultress staff, or installed Maul side, or Installed Ventress side