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Welcome to Korbanth Sabers, your ultimate hub for Sci-Fi SW saber hilts and incredible props.


Since the galaxy first dazzled screens in 1977, we've been devoted fans of the saga, not just entrepreneurs chasing credits. Rooted in the love for George Lucas' universe, our passion drives us to craft exceptional products and deliver unmatched customer experiences.


Based in the US, with 15-20 years of saber mastery, we offer you unparalleled expertise. Whether you're a saber beginner, collector, or enthusiast, we understand your quest for authenticity and quality.


That's why we painstakingly design top-of-the-line replica props, mirroring the iconic weapons wielded by your beloved characters throughout the saga.


At Korbanth, each hilt, blade, and accessory is more than a product—it's a piece of art capturing the essence of these legendary weapons.


Whether you're into casual cosplay, building your collection, or seeking master-level sabers to dazzle your friends, we're dedicated to providing props you'll be proud to wield.


Immerse yourself in the saga, explore our collection, and unleash the power of the Force with Korbanth Sabers.