The Found Spectre Saber

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May 17 UPDATE: - The products should be arriving in next week or 2 - they are now being sent from our factory. Part of the delay has been, we wanted to make sure these are perfect and changes were made to ensure this - the wait is nearly completed and the final product will be awesome

Installed The Found Spectre, created by Shadowfoil Props and Darkstar Props and manufactured by Phoenix Props, this awesome saber is made to assemble just like in the show and can come apart into multiple pieces, we even made a machined meta crystal chamber that will attach to the chassis that will be available to complete the look as it was in the show.

These are one button and will be installed with proffie and come with over 35 fonts from kyberphonic, over $350 value, these will take 1" blade.


Restock Fees - 10% cancel/restock fees - if you cancel before sending, or want to return purchase - please be sure you want the product, we always will test the product before sending to ensure it works 100% and our 90 day warranty means we'll fix it for free if product has not been altered or tampered with. After 90 days, we will always still help for a nominal repair costs depending the issues.  We pay fees to be able to take your payments and we accept it as part of doing business, but we dont get the high fees returned to us if you cancel your order -