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Installed Luke Hero VeeOne N-Pixel Saber

$899.00 - $949.00
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Installed Luke Hero VeeOne N-Pixel Saber

$899.00 - $949.00

UPDATE - June 16 - these will send out in the month of July

Installed N-Pixel V1 Hero "VeeOne-Hero" - the ultimate LS EP6 saber hilt

We have our brand new Hero saber with alot of accuracies made to the original prop as seen in EP6.


The saber comes with V2 proffie board by default, if you choose the V2 version it will be a one button saber due to a combination of our switch pcb pins and the V2 proffie, all the functionality will be the same as the 2 button version. V3 proffie board selection will come with 2 working buttons.  

The saber comes with:

- 28mm speaker
- Proffie V2.2 or V3.9
- MJF nylon removable chassis (slide in/slide out)
- Removable 18650 battery and kill switch
- Machined metal crystal chamber - removable
- Uneven Idealized rib version
- Even rib version as seen in the movie
- Crystal reveal rib section
- Blade depth emitter
- Blade plug emitter

** Crystal will be similar but not exact **

These are expected to arrive in the next 2-4 weeks and install should start to go out in July.

Restock Fees - 10% cancel/restock fees - if you cancel before sending, or want to return purchase - please be sure you want the installed product, we pay fees to be able to take your payments and we accept it as part of doing business, but we do not get the high fees returned to us if you cancel your order -  

we always will test the product before sending to ensure it works 100% and our 90 day warranty means we'll fix it for free if product has not been altered or tampered with. After 90 days, we will always still help for a nominal repair costs depending the issues.