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All installed sabers now include a neo-pixel blade that fits that specific saber, so you no longer have to add it to order.


The Clawed Crimson menace - double ended staff saber - used by the a dark lord, cut down in his prime, and now back with mechanic legs and his double sided "claw" saber - this saber contains 2 proffies, so you can turn on or off each side - uses 1 inch blades, which come with saber by default or if you already have blades, you can remove them off the order - 

We have added more by popular demand, please allow 4+ weeks but no more than 6 weeks for these to be installed and properly prepared  - comes with 20-25 fonts and is a spectacular installed product.

Empty Version: (OUT OF STOCK)

A limited supply of the Denis Lukyanov Double ended Crimson Lord Gen2 saber hilt - installable with a chassis from our partners over at the TheSaberArmory - these are in and ready to send -  AS seen in the movie Solo, by the creepy dark lord at the end...yes, its his saber staff.  in stock, get this at a really good price before our limited supply of 10 units is sold out.

Instructional Video-

Restock Fees - 10% cancel/restock fees - if you cancel before sending, or want to return purchase - please be sure you want the installed product, we always will test the product before sending to ensure it works 100% and our 90 day warranty means we'll fix it for free if product has not been altered or tampered with. After 90 days, we will always still help for a nominal repair costs depending the issues.  We pay fees to be able to take your payments and we accept it as part of doing business, but we dont get the high fees returned to us if you cancel your order - 

Please make sure you want the product before committing to the purchase.