The High Corvus Crossguard Saber (SWTOR)

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All installed sabers now include a neo-pixel blade that fits that specific saber, so you no longer have to add it to order.


The installed 3 bladed High Corvus - 3 N-pixel blades, you can remove the side blades and close the outer claws and just use as a single bladed saber hilt as well.   Many dont know the details behind this saber design.  The High Republic time period is 200 years before the current Empire/new Republic time frame, - the time of the High Republic when Jedi Knights flourished and were revered galaxy peace keepers.  One Jedi Stellan Gios was their shining light of hope and elegence.  This is his hilt and would be great to see it in The Acolyte coming soon.

Empty Version:


From the novels - based on the time when the republic was in its prime, a hero who served the council wielded the gold and chrome saber during a period of such high civilized times when being a master or its learner was a noble job.  This all machined metal chrome and gold with moving side wings that hold the two side "blades" and a 1 inch main blade, take this hilt to new higher qualities than before.  There have been other lower quality versions of this hilt available, now you'll be glad you waited to be the Acolyte you know you long to be. 

With our cooperation with Shadowfoil props designs, this hilt finally came to life.  


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