The Graflex 2024 Master Chassis Saber

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April 29th update: Celebrate the kickoff of May the 4th week, our wave 2 of the Graflex Master ELITE goth chassis is now available to preorder.

Know that this is not in stock, and will take 12 weeks to arrive, so when you purchase, please be patient to wait for more of this product to arrive.

May 4th Sale Disclaimer: Don't forget to use the code "MAY4" as we can not refund the difference post-sale due to transaction fees we incur.

Due to system limitations, only one discount can be used per order. So loyalty points and the discount code can not be doubled up.

Choose which option will work best for you.

The BEST OF THE BEST Lightsaber has arrived for your collections taking.

Here's what this is:

The KR Graflex Vintage flash handle (2024 version) with WannaWanga grips, D-ring holder, clamp strip, accurate rivots, better push button AUX, and a nicer handle finish.

You simply can not get a better GRAFLEX saber!

Goth3d Golden metal master chassis with a spinning crystal, truly a $3000 value saber with such elegance.

Limited to 20 units only.

Comes loaded with Kyberphonics fonts, a dozen or so, loaded onto the Proffie V3.9, and a Shadowfoil LED PCB.

Chassis is removable, as is the battery (comes with battery charger and a Neo-Pixel blade).

Installed by the very highly recommended Jeremy Puckett of Solo sabers FOR KORBANTH sabers, to ensure the best in the industry all came together to all Korbanth Sabers to offer this product. 

This will sell out in 1 day.

Product in stock, but please allow 1 week to make sure they are tested multiple times before we box and send out.

Please specify in notes if you want the ANH or ESB version!

Here is why...

The d-ring holders require us to drill holes and use a rivot gun to put in the proper rivots, so you must choose or you'll have to perform this yourself. The products will arrive with all the proper bits and bobs in place as you designate which version. 

Watch video below for exclusive look.

International shipping is $55.00 - Free USA postage

Restock Fees - 10% cancel/restock fees - if you cancel before sending, or want to return purchase - please be sure you want the installed product, we always will test the product before sending to ensure it works 100% and our 90 day warranty means we'll fix it for free if product has not been altered or tampered with. After 90 days, we will always still help for a nominal repair costs depending the issues.  We pay fees to be able to take your payments and we accept it as part of doing business, but we dont get the high fees returned to us if you cancel your order - 

Please make sure you want the product before committing to the purchase.